Currently, all in-building activities are cancelled due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Please refer to the home page for additional information. 

Worship service

Our main purpose at Crosby Chapel is to worship our Savior Jesus Christ and everything we do on Sunday mornings centers around this goal. Every Sunday morning at 9:00 and10:30 AM we gather together to worship as a congregation.  Children's Church program is offered during the 9:00 AM service.

sunday school

At Crosby Chapel we love learning more about our great God and how we can serve Him. Sunday Schools meet during second service at 10:30. 

what to expect

It’s always tough to visit a new church. To try to help make you feel more welcome, here are a few of the basics you may want to know before visiting us here at Crosby Chapel. Currently, our services are recorded due to the COVID-19 situation. We will post new information as it changes.


The services are a casual, contemporary style. The music is drawn from familiar songs you may have heard on the radio or in your music collection at home. When we are “live” again, the service generally last between an hour and an hour 15 minutes. For now, the recorded service, including music, lasts about 45 minutes.


Our dress code is really no dress code. We do have a few dedicated souls that will be in their shorts with a winter coat on even in January. Or, if you really don’t want to go that route, most any appropriately modest, casual attire will be fine. Point is, we don’t worry about it, so you don’t need to, either. 


During the service, we do offer childcare for nursery aged children. We also have Children’s Church for those past nursery age but still a little young to sit through a full service.


If are interested in attending and would like to contact the church before you come, the phone number is 360-830-4311. There is also a pastor contact form you can fill out to have a pastor contact you. 

location and parking

We are located in the Crosby community. The map below provides directions to the church. The map to the right is the Crosby Chapel property, showing where the parking lots and  the entrances are.