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You can help our church get noticed in the community by writing a review. When you write a review, it lets people know about how God is working at Crosby Chapel. You can include photos and specific details about the church. You can leave a review on Google or Facebook using the links below. Here are some examples of what some people have said about our church:

"Pastor Gary & Awana staff are great caring people who love the community & Jesus."

"An honest Bible Church. People are friendly and church service is always awesome."

"Crosby Chapel is very much your neighborhood church. While the members can seem reserved upon first meeting, they wholly embrace and support their members and community. There is a very active youth group, MOPS and Awana as well as Bible studies, monthly hikes, brunch groups and more. Members range from elderly to families with tots to teens. Handicapped accessible, plenty of parking. You will find several community groups that meet here as well."