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December 4, 2022

Communion Sunday

Worship in the Word

With Pastor Gary Wilderbuer

Jesus Can Heal Brokeness

Mark 1:40-45


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This week has been a challenge with weather, events, and cancellations, we would just like to thank all of the volunteers who have helped this week!! Church cleaners, SIS, Matt Galloway, Bob Millerand John Dunn, just to name a few. A HUGE thanks to you all!


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Sermon Notes

 Worship in the Word

With Pastor Gary Wilderbuer

Jesus Can Heal Brokenness

Mark 1:40-45



Everyone, at some time, finds themselves broken either physically, emotionally, and/or spiritually.  Jesus is always there for the broken ones; but we looking for Him?


The Background Articulated


What is leprosy?



What does the Law require?

                        Leviticus 13-14



The Biblical Account  (40-45)


The R_______________ (40)



The R_______________ touch (41-42)



The R_______________ (43-45a)



The R_______________ (45b)



The Basic Application


A Broken life needs to realize—I can’t fix s_____________


A broken life needs to realize—I need the s_____________


A broken life needs to realize—I need other s___________



The Book of Mark by Chapter


1        Christ the working servant              10   Servant attitude is mandatory                                                                                                                           

2       Healing of the paralytic                      11   Entry into Jerusalem-triumphant                                                  

3       Results of divided house                    12   Resurrection queries are answered                                          

4       Illustration of the soils                        13   Violent destruction of the temple                                                                                   

5       Servant’s power over Gerasene      14   Agony experienced at Gethsemane                                                                         

6       Teaching the 5,000                               15   Narrative of Jesus’ death                                                                            

                                                                         16   Tomb is found empty

7       Traditions of Pharisees attacked                                                                                  

8       Healing the blind man

9       Elijah at the transfiguration 

For a printable copy of the sermon notes, click here:

Sermon Notes

12-4-2022  Crosby Chapel

Prayer Spotlight


Gary and Brenda Bennett, Red Cloud, NE

(Heartland District: Randy & Lisa Picklesimer):

We are located in south-central Nebraska, 6 miles from the Kansas/Nebraska border. Red Cloud is a community of 1,000 people. The main occupations are farming/ranching or working for the Willa Cather foundation. The church has been serving Red Cloud since 1874 and partnered with Village Missions in 2003.

 PRAYER REQUESTS: 1) Pray for our youth ministries. Pray that kids will come to our Patchwork program (K-6 grade) and for our youth group to continue to grow in number and spiritually. 2) Pray that our church family would have the wisdom and the willingness to reach out to our community. 3) Pray for spiritual growth in our own lives as well as in the lives of our congregation. 

Red Cloud Bible Church

630 N Cedar St

Red Cloud, NE 68970. 

(402) 746-2480

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Church Board Members Chairman of the board-Evin Westeren, Lisa Becker, Kris Ivy, 

Suze Marcinko, Dana Pieze and Jerry Taylor

Youth Ministry – Associate Pastor Patrick Hannan

Worship Team- Karin Westeren

Church Secretary – Rokki Staub,

SIS Coordinator – Janna Hintz, Ann Zoepfl, 

Teresa Gotchall

MOPS Information – Karin Westeren

AWANA – Pastor Gary Wilderbuer

Cleaning Schedule – Frank and Suze Marcinko

Cleaning Schedule/Supplies – Bill and Aldenia Acord

Church Treasurer – Rokki Staub

Church website – Steve Kuehl