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September 27, 2020

Sharing God’s Work

With Pastor Gary Wilderbuer

2020 Vision for the Church

Hoe Can We Impact Society That's Without God?

Acts 17:16-34


Here is what’s happening at Crosby Chapel

Ladies prayer and Bible Study

Will be starting new book: 1&2 Thess

Sept 30th from 11-12 pm on Wednesdays prayer at 10:00am

Bring bible, notebook and pen


MOPS/MOMsnext are meeting in small groups. They meet the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month from 9:30-11:30am. If you more information contact Karisa Leuenberger,


There is a new men’s Bible study. The Church in Babylon by Erwin W. Lutzer, study will meet on Thursday evening at 6:30pm beginning on Oct 1st .


Great news.  Sunday School is back!! We will start on October 4th with Sunday school, for K-12th and adults, at 11:00 am, after Sunday service. We will be socially distancing and Masks will be required. 

Childrens church will begin on October 11th


Giving goal for 2020 is $210,000.00


Monthly goal…..…$ 17,500.00

September Giving …$ 14,416.67


Year to date budget…$153,416.67  

Year to date giving…$140,236.92

Remember you can give on line at our website or by mail.

If by mail send to PO Box 218, Seabeck, WA 98380


Chain Coordinator – 

Melody Hanson at 360-830-4431 or e-mail to

Evelyn Clark is serving as backup at 360- 698-0201.

Please call or e-mail to add your prayer requests



Crosby Chapel Information


Pastor Gary Wilderbuer – (360) 830-2327

Associate Pastor Patrick Hannan- (360) 509-3057

Church Secretary -Rokki Staub

P.O. Box 218

Seabeck, WA  98380 (360) 830-4311

Office Hours: Mon. – Fri. 10:00 am – 2:00 pm 

Sermon Notes

Pastor Gary Wilderbuer

2020 Vision for the Church

How Can We Impact Society That's Without God?

Acts 17:16-34

Paul didn’t come to Athens as a sightseer but as a soul-winner.  He saw thousands in a religious city without a savior.  Let’s see what he did?


The city full of pagan ideas (16-21)

  • A city of idols
  • A city of philosophy

2 philosophies dominated in that time period, they tried to consider the meaning of life


They followed the ideas of Aristotle.  They taught that pleasure and the avoidance of pain are the chief end of man.  They did not deny the existence of the gods, but believed they did not interfere in the affairs of man.  They were taught to enjoy life now for there is no after-life. 



They followed the ideas of Plato.  They taught that self-discipline is the greatest virtue.   They believed self-discipline came from being indifferent to both pleasure and pain, reaching the place where one feels nothing.  In contrast to the Epicurean’s Deism, the Stoics were pantheists. 


A city of architecture and art

  • Areopagus
  • Mars Hill

The communication to philosophical intellectuals (22-34)

  • He shared God’s g_______________ as the creator (24)
  • He shared God’s g_______________ as the provider (25)
  • He shared God’s g_______________ as the ruler (26-29)
  • He shared God’s g_______________ with a savior (30-34)

The consideration for practical interacting

   *4 ways to approach our culture with the Gospel

  • Approach the Gospel from the audience’s p_______________________________ (22)
  • Use the familiar to introduce the __________________ (23)
  • Develop the theme _______________________ (24-29)
  • Apply the truth to the ____________ of the audience (30-34)

   *3 common responses to the Gospel

  • I_____________________ rejection (18) 
  • I_____________________ acceptance (34)
  • I_____________________ (32)


9-27-2020  Crosby Chapel


To get a printable version of this outline, click here.

Prayer Spotlight

Darrel & Cathy Miller, Morgantown, IN

We are located in beautiful Brown County Indiana, about forty- five minutes south of Indianapolis. The closest community to the north is 6 miles away and Nashville is 11 miles to the south. There is a blend of vocations represented here but most people work out of the community in Bloomington, Columbus, or Indianapolis. The Millers have been serving here since 1981. 

PRAYER REQUESTS: Please pray for us as we minister to children and families. Also pray for the youth group to be challenged spiritually and to grow. Pray how we might most effectively minister in this rural area. 

Cottonwood Christian Church, 

2523 W Cottonwood Rd, Morgantown, IN 46160


Who do I contact.....................?

Church Board Members: Chairman of the board- Phil Clark, Ann Eberhard, Caleb Huxford, Kris Ivy, Dina Lane, and Jerry Taylor

Youth Ministry – Associate Pastor Patrick Hannan

Church Secretary – Rokki Staub,

SIS Coordinator – Janna Hintz, Ann Eberhard, 

Teresa Gotchall, Dina Lane

MOPS Coordinator – Karisa Leuenberger

AWANA – Pastor Gary Wilderbuer

Cleaning Schedule/Supplies – Bill and Aldenia Acord

Sunday School – Leigh Hampton

Church Treasurer – Rokki Staub