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Welcome to Crosby Chapel

May 15, 2022


Worship in the Word

With Pastor Gary Wilderbuer

Paul: The Prisoner and His Prayer

Philippians 1:9-11


Here is what’s happening at Crosby Chapel


Welcome the newest members of Crosby Chapel, 

Mike and Lori Stever!!


Brunch bunch is tomorrow. The theme is soup, salad and sandwiches. See you at noon!


The carnival and auction are this Saturday the 21st, and we are still in need of people to help run the activities, it could be just an hour, all day or anything in that range. If you can help, please contact Pastor Patrick. 


SWAT rummage sale is June 24th and 25th. We will start taking donations on May 24th, after 12:00pm, in the gym.


Looking to Summer…

June 24th and 25th - SWAT rummage sale

July 4th- High school camp

July 11th - Middle school camp

July 18th - Junior camp

July 30th - SWAT mission trip

August 8th – VBS

August 14th - Baptisms

Giving goal for 2022 is $230,664.00


Monthly goal in 2022…$  19,222.00

      May giving to date...$  11,213.53

Remember you can give online at our website or by mail.

If by mail send to PO Box 218, Seabeck, WA 98380

Prayer Chain Coordinator – 

Melody Hanson at 360-830-4431 or e-mail to

Evelyn Clark is serving as backup at 360- 698-0201.

Please call or e-mail to add your prayer requests


Crosby Chapel Information


Pastor Gary Wilderbuer – (360) 830-2327

Associate Pastor Patrick Hannan- (360) 509-3057

Church Secretary -Rokki Staub

P.O. Box 218

Seabeck, WA  98380 (360) 830-4311

Office Hours: Mon. – Fri. 10:00 am – 2:00 pm 

Sermon Notes

Worship in the Word

With Pastor Patrick Hannan

Paul: The Prisoner and His Prayer

Philippians 1:9-11


Paul writes as a prisoner from Rome. Paul prays for his brothers and sisters in the faith at Philippi.  They have been with him in sharing the gospel and now he prays for their spiritual growth in Christ.


+Paul’s prayer for their spiritual growth

     *Their sure d______________________ to Christ (9)


          Love with______ limits

          Love with______ limits


     *Their soundness in d_______________ for Christ (10a)


     *Their sincerity in d__________________ Christ (10b-11)


          E____________________ (10b)


          E____________________ (10c)


          E____________________ (11)


+Our prayers and how God answers

     D_______________ (& immediate)              Yes


     D_______________                                            No


     D____________                                                   Waiting


     D_______________                                             (from what I expected)


Crosby Chapel 5-8-2022

To get a printable copy of these notes, click here:

Sermon Notes

Prayer Spotlight

Evan & Emily Goettel of  Butte Falls, OR

Butte Falls is a historic small logging town located in Southern Oregon. Our town is fully fenced in and surrounded by open range. We are nestled in the shadow of Mt. McLoughlin (called Mt. Pitt by locals). Outdoor activities are a big attraction here – people come to walk, bike, hike, swim, camp and enjoy the beauty of the area’s lakes, streams, waterfalls, and rivers.


PRAYER REQUESTS: 1) Our local community is spiritually open and eager to have a thriving family of believers in their midst. Please pray for hearts to be softened to Jesus and His leading. 2) Pray for our recently baptized brothers and sisters, that their relationship with Jesus would flourish and their lives would be transformed! 3) Pray for our summer programs and a continued partnership with Child Evangelism Fellowship. 4) Pray for workers within our growing church, especially for the children’s ministry and the Sunday worship service. 

Butte Falls Community Bible Church

PO Box 226

Butte Falls

OR 97522

 (541) 865-3389

Who do I contact.....................?

Church Board Members Chairman of the board-Evin Westeren, Lisa Becker, Kris Ivy, 

Suze Marcinko, Dana Pieze and Jerry Taylor

Youth Ministry – Associate Pastor Patrick Hannan

Worship Team- Karin Westeren

Church Secretary – Rokki Staub,

SIS Coordinator – Janna Hintz, Ann Eberhard, 

Teresa Gotchall, Dina Lane

MOPS Coordinator – Karin Westeren

AWANA – Pastor Gary Wilderbuer

Cleaning Schedule – Frank and Suze Marcinko

Cleaning Schedule/Supplies – Bill and Aldenia Acord

Sunday School – Sheila Taylor

Church Treasurer – Rokki Staub

Church website – Steve Kuehl